About Us

healthyteeth-about-bigClassrooms everywhere are becoming “wired” to take advantage of everything the internet has to offer when it comes to learning. Dentistry feels it’s important that students have access to quality, innovative information on oral health. By understanding the how and why of healthy tooth growth and development, the science of cavities and methods of prevention, it is hoped that students will learn to take better care of their teeth and gums.

What is Healthy Teeth?
Healthy Teeth is an oral education database built upon the science of oral health and designed for elementary grades 3 – 6. It features animated graphics, easy-to-understand text, simple classroom experiments and much more. Healthy Teeth will be updated with new features and sections over time.

How do we use Healthy Teeth?
The data housed in the Healthy Teeth site is available to anyone. It can serve as a standalone lesson on oral health or be integrated into either Health or Science programs.

Site material was gathered from John Besford’s Good Mouthkeeping: A Parent’s Guide to Dental Care, the Nova Scotia Department of Health publication Dental Health Grade 4 to 6 (1989), the ODQ: Ready to Free Yourself From Tobacco? and the Canadian Dental Association publication First Teeth. The Nova Scotia Dental Association wishes to thank the Canadian Dental Association, the Halifax County Dental Society and the Halifax Regional School Board for their assistance.