Dental X-rays

How does your dentist know when you have a cavity developing between your teeth, or a wisdom tooth beneath the gumline that isn’t growing in properly?

Dental x-rays provide a picture of what’s happening in areas we normally cannot see. Early decay, impacted teeth, abscesses and bone loss from gum disease are all things that dental x-rays reveal.

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Root Canal Therapy Endodontic treatment in progress Pins & Posts Tooth Parts  Different dental fillings, early dental decay  Wisdom Tooth on the way  Dental Decay under an existing filling

Root Canal Therapy Endodontic treatment in progress

When the nerve in a tooth is badly damaged, either by an accidental trauma or because of dental decay, sometimes your dentist (or a dental specialist like an Endodontist) will perform Root Canal Therapy, where a hole is made into the tooth and the damaged nerve (or pulp) is removed with a special file and replaced with a filling material. Usually the tooth is later fitted with a new top called a Crown to help it remain strong.

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