Hidden Sugar

This experiment identifies the sugar content in food. Sugar is a major factor in the growth of plaque and tooth decay.healthyteeth---experiments
Note: an adult must supervise this experiment.
What you’ll need:

  • 1 bottle of Benedict’s solution (ask the school Science department)
  • assorted small pieces of food (cookies, crackers, bread, fruit)
  • several glass test tubes
  • 1 heat source (burner, gas or electric)
  • tongs

What to do:
Place a piece of food in each test tube and then pour 30 – 40 ml of Benedict’s solution over the food. Heat the test tubes one at a time over the burner, using the tongs to hold the test tubes.

What will happen:
Benedict’s solution is blue. The presence of sugar will turn the solution to orange. Are there some foods you thought were sugar-free that have sugar?

Note: with any science experiment, it is recommended you have an adult present for supervision.

N.S. Department of Health publication Dental Health Grades 4 – 6/89.

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