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The Reception Area

Atelier du sculpteur

statues gouges

Feeling at Home

It’s important to feel relaxed and at home when you visit the dentist. House plants, magazines and an aquarium help you to be more comfortable.

A Healthy Smile

That’s why you visit your dentist!


Some dental reception areas have a TV set where you can watch a dental video and learn about good dental health.

The Dental Operatory

Click here to go back and explore your dentist’s operatory and serilization room.


The Receptionist greets you when you come in, and makes you feel at home. They also book your appointment and take care of office procedures like billing.

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Clean and Safe

Atelier du sculpteur

statues gouges


It’s just like the one in your kitchen at home, but the Refrigerator in a dental office is used to keep certain types of filling material and x-ray films cool.


The Autoclave sterilizes instruments with heat or steam: over 270°F!

Scrub Up!

Surface cleansers are used to clean countertops, x-ray machines and other surfaces in the dental operatory.


Some dental offices have a dryer for dental instruments leaving the Ultrasonic Cleaner before they enter the Autoclave.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

This machine uses sound waves to help clean dental instruments.

Rubber Glove Dispenser

Rubber gloves are an important part of keeping the dental operatory safe & germ-free.

Sharps Container

Ever wonder what happens to a needle after it’s used? Needles are never re-used. They’re disposed of in safe containers like this one.

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